Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

How do we monitor your supply chain?

Initially our technology maps out the layout of your entire supply chain digital attack-surface. Once this is done, we start monitoring your supply chain for indications of any compromises as well as known vulnerabilities utilizing our CYSNIFF platform.

Continuous Monitoring

Tracking your supply chain will be performed continuously in order to identify any new risks which your supply chain may expose. Our analysts act with any new risk identified by our CYSNIFF monitoring technology as targeting your suppliers, service providers, affiliates, vendors and partners.

Our Analysts

Our analysts will issue an immediate notification to your SOC, while supporting their actions with recommendation and mitigation to help you and your team with the implementation. Our analysts allow you to take the correct actions to resolve any indications of compromise in your supply chain.

The Technology’s attack-surface technology, combined with the CYSNIFF platform,  provide you with the insights your company needs to better understand the cyber threats, and prioritize relevant indicators specifically to your organization and vertical.

What should companies do next?

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